Workflow for IT Vendor Management

ExpressAbility Automation Manager

The IT Vendor Management DIY Workflow Automation Platform


The need to do more with less is pushing IT vendor management and procurement groups to creatively problem-solve their biggest process headaches.  The key is to centrally manage and automate end-to-end processes that require the highest amounts of human labor.  It is often the case that enterprise IT is not positioned to meet these IT vendor management needs--nor has the business understanding to do so.  Forget trying to fund a team of developers to code a single solution.  ExpressAbility Automation Manager is a no-code solution that empowers teams to build their own automation including forms, requests, business rules, reports, dashboards, integration, and workflows that get the job done--and built by the people who are closest to the business needs!


The platform allows construction of unlimited automated processes, yet includes pre-built functionality to address some of the biggest pain-points including Software Renewal Management.

Software Renewal Management

If you are dealing with a large portfolio of enterprise applications, you know the level of difficulty associated with tracking renewal dates, vendors, and coordinating with subject matter experts within your organization.  Typically an entire team of people must work together to keep critical renewals from slipping through the cracks.  Every renewal cycle brings new challenges.  What if you could centralize information and automate processes around virtually every area of the renewal process?


Track the Entire Renewal Lifecycle

Every renewal can be tracked with dashboard visibility--bringing strategic group collaboration to any organization's renewal process.  Manage every step in the lifecycle--from solution export review, vendor quotation, to approval and ordering.  Centralize your renewals in one system and have renewal history available at your fingertips.

Reduce Labor and Improve Efficiency

Bring automation to laborious coordination of the software renewal process by optimizing the flow of events.  Alert key stakeholders of upcoming renewals, store quotes, and automatically reach out to your internal experts for review of licensing and approval.  Assign tasks to procurement stakeholders to insure that nothing slips through the cracks.


Automate Other Vendor, Procurement, and Asset Management Processes


IT procurement, vendor management, and asset manager professionals deal with many complex processes.   The amount of manual labor required to assess needs, coordinate with users, and interact with many data points makes IT procurement an area where digital automation and tracking brings savvy efficiency.

ExpressAbility Workflow Automation for IT Procurement enables organizations to:

  • Manage complex routines more effectively by centralizing and automating processes
  • Import data from various sources for reporting and dashboarding--and to use within any process automation workflows
  • Automatically reach out to SMEs or end users to assess hardware, software, or other needs and schedule interactions
  • Integrate with other systems including systems management for provisioning and software delivery if desired
  • Check inventory levels to insure availability
  • Coordinate with technical IT service technicians
  • Customize Process Flows and Business Rules to match the unique needs of your organization
  • Dashboards and reporting to track every stage of the process