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If you are looking to streamline processes and reduce manual labor for your organization, Business Process Management (BPM) is the right place to look. BPM platforms overcome your most pressing process providing efficiency and flexibility. Let us help you with your BPM today!

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BPM is more than software

It’s a Way of Thinking

BPM itself represents a way of operating, a disciplined approach to managing processes. BPM-focused software, or BPMS (now also called iBPMS, representing the next generation of the technology), is growing rapidly and advancing in maturity.

This category of software allows business problem solvers to build technical solutions that manage end-to-end sequences of automation, or “workflows.” Modern BPMS enables even non-developers with the ability to assemble automated flows using drag-and-drop canvas with virtually unlimited possibilities. What used to require a team of developers and months of time can now be completed with a single business-focused (non-coder) innovator in a matter of hours.

ExpressAbility enables organizations to realize their digital transformation potential by enabling the right people in the right placesthose closest to the actual process bottlenecks.

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