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Are you struggling to resolve workflow wrinkles that waste time? With Decisions Platform software and ExpressAbility expertise, you can let your workflow run on automatic while you watch your business grow.

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At ExpressAbility, we help your business achieve digital transformation through cutting-edge business process management (BPM) services and software. That’s why we partner with Decisions, a leader in workflow automation platform technology.

Decisions is a no-code, no-technical-expertise-required platform that allows businesses to define their workflows efficiently and at scale. When you work with ExpressAbility as your BPM partner, you’ll find that our expertise combined with Decisions software can save your company critical time, money, and resources.

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Proud Partner

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Automated Business Process Management

More and more companies are searching for BPM solutions that can cut costs, eliminate wasted time, and limit miscommunications by making processes more streamlined and efficient. But a disconnected coder who doesn’t have an understanding of your business processes can often remain distant from the actual problems, leading to the creation of “solutions” that are still inefficient, or worse, harm your business.

Decisions solves this problem by bringing the ability to customize business process automation directly to the people closest to the processes. ExpressAbility empowers you to be vitally involved in creating BPM solutions that solve your problems, and Decisions provides the platform that facilitates that coordination.

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Decisions Enables You to Define Processes

Decisions allows you to automate rules and workflows so that your processes can run efficiently in the background while you focus on business-critical tasks. You can create accessible forms, dashboards, and reports for a wide variety of end users, all with the confidence that you’re creating workflows that will really solve your specific problems.

The Decisions workflow platform allows you to define the decisions and processes you need once and then lets the automated process take them forward.

  • Improve the experience of the end user with streamlined and pre-defined workflows
  • Automate complex, end-to-end business processes that connect people and data
  • Help your teams fulfill their daily tasks with accessible dashboards and reporting interfaces
  • Easily monitor the health of your business with actionable and insightful reporting
  • Save time on complex data gathering by pulling together effective data points visually using dashboards
  • Minimize labor costs as the Decisions platform automates administrative tasks
  • Simplify viewing and signing off on requests with automated approval workflows
  • Scale and streamline workflow updates as your business grows and develops


The Decisions Workflow Experts You Need

ExpressAbility only works with partners that share our commitment to bringing workflow efficiency to our customers. We collaborate with our clients to identify exactly where the workflow bottlenecks are, starting at your core processes and biggest pain points.

Our relationships with our partners are what keep our price point competitive and our success rates sky-high. We take out the hassle of long traditional coding cycles by using cutting-edge rapid development platforms. Our specialists have the know-how to engineer custom solutions to solve your most challenging pain points.

As experts in Decisions software, we can help you navigate Decisions automation to make the most of your BPM, faster. We’ve worked with Decisions since 2012 and achieved the highest level of technical certification: the “Professional Developer” designation in niche specialization. We can help you tackle your most pressing business challenges by equipping you with the Decisions software you need and then guiding you through it step by step.

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