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Drag and Drop To Design Your Own Custom Solution

Approvals, Business Rules, and Automation!

 ExpressAbility partners with multiple BPM/Workflow software vendors to help you find the best choice for your unique scenario.

Every BPM product/system is different—Let us analyze your needs and deliver the perfect solution.

A lot has changed in the marketplace.


The “no-code” and “low-code” workflow/BPM marketplace is growing fast.  Many products and platforms are emerging.  Let ExpressAbility evaluate the details of your requirements and recommend the optimal platform for you.  Every situation is different and one-size does NOT FIT-ALL when it comes to finding the perfect automation platform.  Don't waste time and resources when you can partner with the best.



What you can expect from our BPM/Workflow Solutions

Process Automation

Automate processes, increase efficiency, lower manual labor and drive forward with innovation.

Integrate users and systems to uniquely solve your biggest challenges.

Drag and Drop Workflow

Repeatable processes can be automated using simple or complex decision pathways that ultimately lead to your envisioned goal—rather that be the creation of a document, integration with another system, presentation of a form, or virtually any other result.

Data Intelligence

Drive your digital transformation effort forward with BPM/Workflow platforms that enable intelligent decision-making. Utilize data sets with sophisticated machine learning, AI, and advanced processing if predictive analytics apply to your objectives.


Unlocking a seamless automated process requires the ability to interface with multiple, separate systems. Our workflow technologies allow exactly that—rapid and predicable integration.

Build integration quickly using simplified drag and drop interfaces. Prebuilt components make the experience even faster for many popular platforms.

We empower visionaries to build incredible solutions for their organizations. Imagine the possibilities.