You Must Decide: An Open Letter to Businesses on Embracing the No-Code Revolution

letter to businesses on embracing low- and no-code software

Every company whose mission is to remain competitive in the marketplace and excel in their respective industry MUST decide their response to the no-code/low-code revolution that is occurring right now. A company can either embrace this transformational advancement OR ignore it altogether. 

Those who ignore it will essentially plug their ears and close their eyes, pretending an alternative reality. They will continue to develop solutions using large teams of developers writing code mostly from scratch, re-inventing the wheel with almost every project, and keeping stakeholders waiting for many months while the development cycle slowly turns.

There will be many internal processes needing to be optimized, but their limited development capacity will hold them back from effectively addressing many bottlenecks. Opportunities to optimize operations will slowly pass them by. As their businesses change (and they inevitably do) and development talent comes and goes (normal attrition), they will be burdened with the painstaking task of changing and modifying their custom applications to keep up with the fast-paced realities of doing business.

Those who embrace this no-code/low-code revolution will be able to cut development time, taking custom solutions to production at a multiplied rate of speed compared to traditional code-based development methodologies. As value is realized faster, the business will benefit from streamlined processes and move faster down their digital transformation journey. 

Operational processes will quickly benefit from less ad hoc manual tasks, well-defined pathways, standardization, and process tracking with reporting and dashboards. The self-service ideal will become a manifest reality as the entire company transforms the way they work. Remote workers will be better equipped as contributors and well-connected to how work “gets done” in the organization. All of the defined roles and defined processes cumulatively add up, and even snowball, yielding an overall uplift to the company and its productivity culture.

So, how will you lead your organization to embrace change and align with today’s leading advancements in workflow automation platforms? The quickest path to realizing these benefits is to engage with an experienced partner that can assist you in selecting a platform, implementing it, and becoming an instant extension of your team.

The right partner can rapidly begin development activity, manage the processes that are automated, and even maintain the workflow platform for long-term success. 

Look no further than ExpressAbility, the workflow platform specialists.


Jason Drinen
Practice Lead