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We are Decisions Workflow Platform specialists. If you are looking to move your organization forward by leveraging a workflow platform to achieve process automation (requests, approvals, dashboards, integration, workflows), engage with the best. Engage with ExpressAbility.

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Decisions Specialists

ExpressAbility initially began working with the Decisions Platform in 2012 as it was beginning to take shape as the powerful workflow platform that it is today. All of those years of experience makes ExpressAbility a trusted partner to engage when you are looking to leverage the Decisions Platform to tackle your most pressing business challenges.

ExpressAbility has achieved Decisions’ highest level of technical certification, the “Professional Developer” designation recognizing its niche specialization. Let us extend your team by bringing our Decisions acumen to accelerate your initiatives.

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Workflow Experts

When Altiris/Symantec purchased Workflow Solution in 2008, ExpressAbility began building end-to-end automation for its clients that connected business processes to computer endpoint management.

The technology quickly enabled what was once only dreamt of—being able to handle requests, approvals and business logic, and then connecting it to an automated computer action, such as delivering a piece of software, running a script, patching or even imaging a PC.

Symantec Workflow and its deep integration into the Symantec Management Platform allow PC lifecycle management to be embedded into business processes.  ExpressAbility has years of experience in building automation with Symantec Workflow for its enterprise clients.

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