Automation and Digital Transformation: Decisions Software Is the Key to Unlocking Business Growth

With countless companies not taking advantage of modern technology, growing and maintaining a competitive advantage can be difficult. Automation and digital transformation are essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve and optimize efficiency and operations.

However, achieving maximum efficiency and accelerating growth is possible with Decisions low-code platform. But what exactly are automation and digital transformation? How does the Decisions platform work?

Learn how Decisions software provides automation and digital transformation to help your business grow.

Automation vs Digital Transformation

Automation and digital transformation are closely related concepts that can help businesses become more efficient, agile, and cost-effective.

Automation Defined

Automation is the use of technology to simplify or automate manual processes. It allows businesses to reduce their operational cost, eliminate inefficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and improve productivity. Automation also helps to streamline operations, enabling companies to focus on core competencies while eliminating mundane tasks.

Digital Transformation Defined

Digital transformation is the broader concept of automation. It involves integrating new technologies into existing systems and processes to create better customer experiences, improve automation, and develop new products and services.

It’s also an ongoing process because businesses must continually evolve their technology to keep up with changing customer needs and industry trends.

How Automation and Digital Transformation Work Together

Digital transformation and automation work together to help businesses achieve their goals. For example, automation can be used to improve customer service or streamline supply chain management, while digital transformation may involve unlocking processes that are otherwise inefficient with data-centric management techniques that can only be introduced with custom software.

Automation simplifies manual processes while digital transformation optimizes the automation process by integrating new technologies into existing systems. They allow businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective in the way they operate, while also creating better customer experiences.

Decisions Software: The Key to Unlocking Business Growth

The Decisions platform helps businesses to quickly build software solutions. Automation and digital transformation strategies that were once unattainable are now within reach. And, it has become a staple for many businesses with a growth-mindset.

 Decisions can be used to automate routine tasks and help businesses make more informed decision-making, including predicting customer behaviors or optimizing supply chain management.

Decisions is the key to unlocking business growth and ensuring digital transformation and automation are working together for maximum efficiency. By integrating digital transformation and automation with the Decisions platform, businesses can optimize their operations to remain competitive and achieve greater success.

Use Decisions Software to Expedite Business Growth with ExpressAbility

By leveraging automation and digital transformation, businesses can unlock their growth potential. ExpressAbility is a leading provider of the Decisions software platform, a low-code rapid development framework that accelerates business vision.  

ExpressAbility provides top-tier software and services that allow organizations to take advantage of the low-code revolution and conquer complexity by building hard-hitting custom solutions.
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