How Automation Can Benefit Your Remote Workforce

business automation

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused major changes across nearly every aspect of business operations. Quarantines, lockdowns and social-distancing regulations made the traditional in-office work routine virtually impossible.

Those limitations forced businesses to find new solutions to continue operations remotely. A Pew Research Report says 71% of employees are now doing their jobs from home, and fully remote and hybrid work options have now become the norm in many industries that don’t require onsite work.

Automating your processes is an effective way to get the most out of your remote team through enhanced efficiency. Business workflow automation can streamline the collection of business information, lines of communication and approvals, and other daily operational tasks, leaving your team able to do more without small tasks eating up their time.

Find out more about the benefits that workflow automation can bring to your remote team.

Leveraging Business Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is now an integral part of business process management (BPM). It solves the traditional workplace dilemma of employees getting bogged down by simple but time-consuming tasks.

If you have a digital transformation strategy in the pipeline, business automation should be at the heart of this plan.

Stability in the Transition

The transition to remote working can be disruptive, but with automated tasks, processes run smoothly.

Many organizations rushed to embrace the remote working idea with no structural support. This came with myriad challenges as processes normally completed in person had to be redesigned. Business automation for remote teams allows for a more seamless transition where the focus is on efficiency when processes need adjusting.

Improved Productivity

Remote working requires self discipline, but not every member of your team may be equally skilled in this art. Automation can help get rid of the need for mindless administrative tasks from your employees so they can focus on what they do best, leading to a more engaged and enthusiastic team.

Business automation gives your employees more time to focus on important tasks and increases productivity in more ways than one.

Areas Easily Enhanced by Business Workflow Automation

Automation can be beneficial in nearly any area of your business; if there’s a process that relies on a defined series of events, some part of it can likely be automated to save you time. 

However, some specific departments and tasks are likely more ready for automation than others. Here are a few of our favorite ways business automation can aid with specific responsibilities in your remote team:

Efficient Customer Service

Tracking customer service requests and resolutions can become more difficult in a remote environment where team members can’t communicate as easily. Automation promotes efficiency in handling customer issues. With automated processes, customer support tickets can easily be organized and passed on to the necessary team members for resolution, then tracked through every step to completion.

More Effective Marketing Campaigns

You have multiple departments coming together for your company’s marketing efforts, and when these teams work remotely, it becomes hard to coordinate. Automation helps align the sales and marketing teams through better collaboration and tracking of processes requiring input from multiple users.

Enhanced Security

Security has emerged as one of the biggest threats in the digital workplace. With employees working out of the office, it is harder to implement and monitor security protocols. Business automation helps your IT teams continue seamlessly monitoring and enacting security practices to protect your organization.

Automation of Human Resources Processes

One significant challenge for HR today is managing a team that no longer meets together face to face. HR managers have to provide ongoing support to your employees in this new environment, and on-premises HR solutions can’t solve many fast-paced remote working issues.

Automating your HR workflows boosts the productivity of your team and helps with data-based decision making. Advanced workflow technology eliminates day-to-day administrative tasks and gives HR personnel real-time, actionable insights on their remote employees and operations.

Enabling Efficiency in Accounting

Remote accounting teams face unique challenges that other remote teams might not experience. Automated accounting processes help with productivity, prioritization, increased transparency, efficient tracking, collaboration, and other concerns.

Business Automation Made Simple by ExpressAbility

To optimize your remote teams, consider leveraging the immense benefits of automation through streamlined workflows enabled by advanced business process management software.

ExpressAbility’s workflow automation experts use rules-based software like Decisions to bring your team business automation solutions that empower you. Get in touch to start the process of automating your remote workflows today!